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Posted on August 10, 2020
By :- Vaishali Shah

An Indian woman is an epitome of grace and elegance and is said to be the face of Indian handloom, curated specifically as an embodiment of her tender yet fierce persona and the way she carries the garment with utmost royalty. One of the oldest drape garments which leads the Indian handloom and traces back its origin to the times of Indus valley civilization is the timeless seven-yard wonder, The Saree. From the likes of the ancient grandeur queens to the modern-day urban feminine lady. The piece of clothing has been a constant among its multivariant forms. The essential aspect of the saree is the blouse also known as the “choli “in the pre-colonial and historical times. The blouse worn as the stitched cloth on the upper body is paramount in making or breaking the look of a saree. The blouse has seen an evolution of its own along the different eras and decades ranging from a mere piece of bandeau used to cover the upper body to become the fashion statement, It has changed the course of the plain jane outfit.

Today, we have reached the day and age where we are capable of categorizing this minimal piece of cloth into two broad classifications and juxtaposing them against each other.



The word “designer” enchants us into believing about the magnificence of an outfit and the weight that the word adds to our sky-high expectation of obtaining a fancy piece. But what we don’t rack upon much is the textile and making process of the same. Here is a guide on what should be kept in mind while going for a designer blouse as howsoever, good it sounds to own one it might disappoint you later.

  • Designer blouses are known to not have much margin inside which will make it difficult for you to make alterations in case of any and will take down your plans of putting together a dream saree outfit.

  • Designer Blouses as the name suggests are one of its kind that only makes them unfeasible to pair up in multiple ways and therefore, they can’t be teamed up with different attires.

  • Owing to the intricate work and detailing these blouses aren’t easy to store and maintain and you might end up ruining your favorite blouse unintentionally if not maintained the right way!

  • The fact that they are exclusive to one outfit and can’t be reused frequently makes them unworthy of the big money you might have spent on them as the ever-evolving fashion might soon fade out and they will eventually go out of style.

  • They are not a cakewalk to carry for all body types and the visually pleasing sequin might start irritating you on the body after a while.

  • According to a survey, the designer blouses are luxurious and non-economical and only 1% of the customers prefer buying them usually, the elite class.


Sustainable refers to anything that can be maintained at a certain rate or level which is economical and meets the need of the present without compromising the needs of the future. Similarly, the following points clearly make sustainable designer blouses an ideal replacement for the designer blouses:

  • The foremost quality that gives the sustainable blouses and edge over the designer blouses is the fact that they have enough margin to enable altering in case of your fluctuating body stats.

  • As the name says, the blouses are sustainable and are capable of being styled in a multiple ways with multiple outfits.

  • These are easy to store and maintain and doesn’t require extra attention.

  • These blouses are multifaceted and can be reused frequently as they never go out of style, are worth each of your penny!

  • Stitched in such a way these blouses are affordable and easy to carry and can be worn for hours comfortably.

  • The sustainability allows all it to be economical for all class of people and 99% of the customers prefer buying it over the designer blouses.

One such brand that uplifts the age-old tradition with the twist of sustainability and the concept of reusability to make it customer-friendly and viable, is the label JUST BLOUSES by Vaishali Shah, a skillful upcoming designer from the remote area of Kutch. Her label is the perfect blend of the aristocratic taste and the nominal price hence, restoring the faith of the masses in the concept of top-notch quality with an economical approach.

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