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Product Details | Just Blouses By Vaishali Shah

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Long Jacket over a Sari ???
Sarees are a complete dress in themselves but long jackets enhance their looks.

Long jacket is the best option for all your needs as it keeps your saree intact, it offers an additional layering over a saree to give you a sense of security and protects your from all kinds of weather conditions.

As a party ensemble, long jacket plays an important role over a saree. Moreover a long jacket provides grace to the saree and holds it intact for the entire party time without any disturbance.

Long jackets are in vogue these days and you can find most frontline actresses wearing long jackets made from different materials over different outfits in their latest movies. Jackets are head turners as they give a completely new look to the woman. They change your otherwise casual and not so good looking attire into a new style !

When wearing a long jacket, the important thing is not following the current trend. Rather the important thing is to pep up your attire and look glamorous. Therefore before wearing a long jacket over any of your saree you must see whether it matches the saree or not.

Fabric: Cotton Jacquard
Saree Length: 5.5 m
Tube Size: 38
Jacket Size: 38
Length of jacket: 58

Saree + Tube + Jacket = ₹12000/-
Belt ₹1500/-

Brand - JustBlouse