Vaishali Shah, A Fashion Entrepreneur Owning the Fashion Game for Designer Blouses BLOUSES – the couture house for blouses – is a labour of love by entrepreneur Vaishali Shah. With a humble beginning of its first store in Vadodara in 2015, Just Blouses has expanded to six outlets and is catering to a wide audience in India and abroad.

The Journey

“I wanted to break the mould of usuals and create a niche for my brand. I sensed the vacuum for designer blouses in the market and that’s where the concept of ‘Just Blouses’ originated. To provide the best possible products to my customers, I work on each blouse myself. I dedicatedly focus on bringing exclusivity to each of my customers. This practice may mean some extra hard work but it maintains the creativity and the aesthetics of each product and keeps my customers coming back,” said Vaishali Shah.
Personally, curated by Vaishali Shah, the store has a sharply honed aesthetic and promises a new world of designs to fashion connoisseurs. ” I have personally designed the space and look into everything at the store. Be it the embroidery, intricate detailing, handcrafting, customising or bespoke tailoring, I look through hundreds of styles and select only the best of the best, ” she states.

Honoured and Humbled

With humble beginnings in September 2015, in just a few years, Just Blouses has prospered into a reputed and recognised establishment today. Just Blouses has found a home in Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Gandhidham, Rajkot, Jamshedpur, Bhuj, Bijnor and Mumbai. It caters to over 50000 customers across the country along with a plethora of International clientele.

Speaking of her incredible journey, Vaishali shares that she is “honoured and humbled”

“These are the two predominant words that come to my heart when I nostalgically reflect on my journey leading up to this stage. I must agree, as all startups will, it has been a long and trying journey at just blouses, but alongside it has been educative, meaningful and life-altering in every way. To begin with, it’s extremely imperative to acknowledge all the people involved backstage, who ensured Just Blouses became a household brand in all the cities we are located in.

Topping the list

Topping the list, my family who always encouraged my entrepreneurial journey, my colleagues who have made immense sacrifices and with immense efficiency, burnt the midnight oil to realize the dream called Just Blouses, and finally our customers whose love and support and continued patronage have made us a name to reckon with when it comes to ethnic couture. These are my three founding pillars on which this organisation was built and continues to run and blossom. With their continuous support, Just Blouses has had a very successful, enriching and fulfilling experience.

I am immensely grateful to our country’s governance, which is under the able leadership of our honorable prime-minister Shri. Narendra Modi has left no stone unturned in empowering the women of the country and nurturing our talents. It is through their support and encouragement that women in India have now moved out of their houses into the corporate world and entrepreneurial initiatives and can confidently and successfully too may I add, take on the world. In my opinion, it’s a glorious time for women in India and I urge all women to make the most of the golden era and follow their hearts and chase their dreams.”


JUST BLOUSES is a place of originality, creativity, and aesthetics. It has something to offer to every customer in search of a designer blouse. It offers a mix of blouses for casual, traditional, and bridal wear. Whatever kind of saree the customer may have- be it georgette, bhagalpuri, kalamkari, silk, cotton, or Kota, Just Blouses will always have a perfect match. From kantha, halters, buta patch, cutwork, chantilly lace, and boat necklines, the collections here are exclusive and are available in various sizes, patterns, cuts, and fabrics. From simple, elegant everyday domestic designs to sophisticated, classy corporate designs, function and festival designs, or dressing up for a special occasion, Just Blouses delights its customers across all age groups, with its meticulous designs and enamoured colours.

With a focus on originality and exclusivity, Just Blouses continues to introduce new lines to cater to the requirements of its customers. Speaking on this, Vaishali Shah shares, “we had a lot of plus-size customers asking for a special line just for them and we acceded. Similarly, there was a lady looking for a blouse to wear at a funeral and we created a line for the same. I believe in giving personal and focused attention to each of my clients.”

Apart from its extensive range of designer blouses, the brand also showcases a small range of sarees and half sarees to go with the collection of its blouses.

Store Interiors

The stores are visually appealing, mixing colourful products with modern minimalistic sensibilities. Donning shades of black, grey and white, the stores have been stylishly partitioned into sections that give its shoppers the opportunity and space to concentrate on what they are looking for.

You will see a lot of women employees at Just Blouses. Speaking on this, Vaishali shares, “I am a firm believer of women empowerment. At Just Blouses, we hire women who have little to no education and provide them with a livelihood. I am happy to share that we still have the same tailors and craftspeople that we started our journey with. But it is the trust and loyalty of our employees that help us in winning the trust of our customers.”

Sign Off

Vaishali is a role model for many emerging entrepreneurs. But she has progressed on the basis of her creativity, grit, and vision and she would like everyone specially all women to believe in the power of their dreams. A dog lover, Vaishali is a doting pet mom to 4 pooches named Whitey, Browney, Leo and Lucy. Also, she likes to utilize her free time in playing with them and pampering them.

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