Meet the woman disrupting the Indian Fashion Industry with minimalism & limited assortment of products with limitless pairing options Delhi: Just Blouses India was started by fashion designer Shah Vaissali 5 years back, this Indian Brand startled the audience of Vadodara where the signature store was fundamentally established.

Just Blouses has expanded to ten outlets and is catering to a wide audience in India and abroad.

Shah Vaissali wanted to break the mould of usuals and create a niche for the brand. She sensed the vacuum for designer blouses in the market and that’s where the concept of ‘Just Blouses’ originated. To provide the best possible products to my customers, she still works on each blouse herself. She dedicatedly focus on bringing exclusivity to each of customer.

This practice may mean some extra hard work but it maintains the creativity and the aesthetics of each product, and keeps the customers coming back for more. The minimalist approach of the brand keeps the customers engaged with the brand upcoming collections.

Being Limitless

With humble beginnings in September 2015, in just a few years, Just Blouses has prospered into a reputed and recognised establishment today. Just Blouses has found a home in Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Gandhidham, Rajkot, Jamshedpur, Bhuj, Bijnor and Bangalore. It caters to over 5,00,000 customers across the country along with a plethora of International clientele.

Just blouses has come a long way, and is being able to serve more than 20 celebrity clients and JUST BLOUSES has completely changed the notion of blouse. They are no more that typical blouses which can be worn only with saree or lahenga, they can be teamed up with denims, shorts, skirts, pants, palazzo, dhoti pants you name it and Just Blouses can be the best go to option for your next quirky look!

The Story of the Appealing Just Blouses Stores


The stores are visually appealing, mixing colourful products with modern minimalistic sensibilities. Donning shades of black, grey and white, the stores have been stylishly partitioned into sections that give its shoppers the opportunity and space to concentrate on what they are looking for, Extra attention to details of the choices are being noted and informed every now and then which keeps us updated about the comfort more than trends.

You will see a lot of women employees at Just Blouses. We are a firm believer of women empowerment. At Just Blouses, we hire women who have little to no education and provide them a livelihood. She is happy to share that just blouses still have the same tailors and craftspeople that we started our journey with. It is the trust and loyalty of our employees that helps us in winning the trust of our customers.

The Undefeatable Attitude of the Just Blouses

Lockdown in 2020 wasn’t an easy way for many corporates in fashion industry, we were also worried about our rural employees, and their everyday livelihood, but due to our foresightedness we started our operations gradually, The production in this phase was more thoughtful and we launched only limited stock with minimalist fashion and being resourceful enough we did manage to launch new and innovative designs even in the lockdown, whereas our clienteles also welcomed ” Low Budget, Minimalist Zoom Wedding Approachable” Outfits, that rejoiced in the family and relatives all over India. Even in Navratri, we managed to light lamps of hearts of our clients with new collections and unique combinations that can be easily repurposed in the future for traditional occasions.

The Lockdown had not only begun but was in very critical stage, at that rough time, we were approached by Bangalore’s franchise partners for considering the franchise deal at our now Bangalore’s Store, The Talks of the deal generally take place at our office or at the franchise’s but this was different scenario for the whole world, where every brand was taking a step back from deals already made, we were fortunate enough to gain the trust through our soleful products and strategies that we not only launched the Bangalore’s Just Blouses Store After the unlock phase begun but also managed to get many Local Celebs as our Beloved Clients, From initial meeting to franchise deal closure to interior designing and setup of the store managed through video conferencing and continued hussle of our artisans.

The Rural’s of India has Paramount of Potential

Being a true Gujarati, having gut n business in their veins, it was started sole handedly. When someone is firmly determined to achieve goals no one can stop them. No matter JUST BLOUSES was born and established in remote area of Kutch but still has gained popularity across the nation and worldwide.

Belonging to a service class family where no one had ever done business in past generations. Shah Vaissali set a new example as a woman in male dominated conservative society, when a women wears a Blouse from Just Blouses she feels that she can be a multifaceted personality and this is what we convey through our designs and our limitless pairing options.

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