The Pride Of Gujarat, February 25, 2019

Miss Vaishali Shah


• JUST BLOUSES is indeed a metaphor of exclusive craftsmanship. A never before seen collection of blouses signifying a melange  of age old tradition, fashion with fusion and glamour with elegance . The whole and soul of JUST
BLOUSES  miss. Vaishali shah , aptly captures these intricacies in her exclusive blouse collection.

• Vaishali shah (born 7th january 1982) is an indian fashion designer from gandhidham ( kutch Gujarat ). One instantly remembers the name of vaishali shah when the subject of fashion designing surfaces. Her name is identical with stylish blouses in TV serials. Vaishali shah is not only a master in designing but also in creating new trends with blouses. Even as a kid she had passion for fashion. She made her foray in the world of fashion designing by starting a small boutique named CLASS APART in gandhidham. She has the rare quality of transforming a saree’s  look according to the  occasion. Her clients includes many socialites, NRI’S and tele celebrities. So this woman is surely going global and making waves with her wonderful creations. For 35-year-old vaishali shah , says she hasn’t studied Fashion and is a self-taught designer. While fashion is her love. Today, her brand is recognised as JUST BLOUSES and it has 8 outlets under it . The brand deals in designer blouses. However vaishali says she doesn’t spend much time strategizing or drawing business plans when it comes to launching new designs. Following her heart has been her strategy for expansion . ” I attribute my business acumen to my gut feel. I don’t do any market research. I do things very instinctively ” she explains. Vaishali admits that she is not too fond of the business part of entreprenuership but understands that it is a vital part of being an entreprenuer.


A well crafted blouse is indeed every woman’s fitting companion and presenting such companions in a versatile array is JUST BLOUSES. Initiated by miss. vaishali shah the brand follows a simple notion that – it is not ” JUST BLOUSES ” , it is indeed a metaphor of exclusive craftsmanship. We cater a collection of blouses never seen before, wherein we have collaborated the latest of trends with age old tradition, fashion with fusion and glamour with elegance.
What makes JUST BLOUSES stand apart is the fact that our designs don just adhere to the tradition, create your own style and make your styling statement by pairing our collection with pallazos, denims, skirts, dhoti and shorts while of course gracing them with ease atop sarees and lahengas.
After all they do make excellent additions to your wardrobe ensuring oodles of grace.
With immense love going into the details, the chic appeal is surely going to high for . At JUST BLOUSES you will come across a virtually endless creative pairing options to work the magic round.


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